About your Mistress

“Know this, I am addicted to You. I have tasted Your mind, and I cannot forget Its flavour.”

At it’s core, My sexuality has always been a canvas to which I have painted My ever changing moods.

What lusters before you is rich with a decade of private and Professional BDSM experience alike; a sultry and baffling creature, insatiable as She is viperous. A ravenous Domina, with a palate for fetish exploration and curious D/s relationships.

Your “Wicked Minx and Temptress”. Full fantasy and fetish exploration provider in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.


As a former Chef, not to mention a raging Gemini, I often have the urge to rip things to shreds; create disaster, chaos, even beauty-and turn the madness in to Hedonistic pleasure. Certainly, through much life experience and fantastical BDSM practice since, I have come to know My journey as reveling in an inner truth; expressing outwardly with My pets I deem worthy, My inner most desires. The color and shape of My craft has many shades and angles; what I crave is vast, and My submissive is My focal point to getting what I desire. Those who enter My realm are met with a powerful gaze that seeks to reveal the inner truth of My prey. A bat of a lash, the cut of My cane slicing the air-I am quick with wit and baffling intuition; designed for the mental immobilization of My submissives, and the truest pleasure for their Queen.

Worshipping My exquisite frame? One may think lightly of the term “Body Worship”, though I can just as easily Dominate thee with My dangerous tender flesh. Must manipulation always be verbal? Whether I have placed you in bondage, floating above Me, or you are upon the floor, kneeling below Me, you sway hypnotized by the thrill of My enchanting presence. You’d never dare to wonder how long you gaze at the Divine, such Beauty. Memorize Me, in the darkest cranny of submissive space I have allowed you to enter. Let the thought of Me haunt you; reach for it again and again when you yearn for your Mistress. If you are blissfully satisfied within the visual sphere, you will be immersed by My presence; should you seek the overwhelming experience of being allowed to touch Me, you will find yourself drowning in My being. My gifts are vast in this realm; our time together will merely scratch the surface of what we can enjoy together.

My pleasure, dear pet.

After all, that is always My primary objective…