Truly, the pleasureʼs all Hers. She is electrically charged and fulfilled by obedient men. Make no mistake, She is not for the faint of heart. San Francisco’s Indian Bombshell Dominatrix thrives on exploiting Her prey’s interests; Krisha’s pets have grown accustomed to their Huntress’ desires, and live to bend the knee to a Queen. Will you join them?


  • Exquisite Beauty The time I take to prepare for each session amounts to more time than the session itself, in some cases. I take great pride in My attire; everything from shining every inch of My Latex, if it is requested, to My perfect big red pouty lips. The equipment I use is of high caliber, and I spare no detail making sure our play space is breathtaking when you enter.

  •  Connection when we’re together, you’re My top priority. I always plan My schedule around having ample time to give 100%, and I absolutely love what I do. Enjoy being with a Domina who enjoys being with you.

  • Expertise I have been both personally and professionally mentored and trained, and have years of professional skill behind Me. Your safety and cravings alike are nurtured in My capable hands.

  • Privacy My private dungeon space is located on a quiet street in the East Bay. You will see only Me. The information you share with Me, fictitious or true, forever lies with Me.

  • Sixth Sense I have not only been told this, but have experienced, that I read people very well. My clairvoyance with the submissive brain is striking. I know how to get what I want, eloquently, and hold over your head what you desire most. This makes for fascinating connections, and on some lovely occasions, beautiful D/s relationships.

*NOTE: I do not engage in any Switch, or Submissive scenes.

All of the sessions I engage in with the submissive and curious men who come to see Me are rendered with care and clever planning. It is My ultimate goal that not only I remain pleased, but that My client’s lives’ be enriched as well.

To be led on the path of life enrichment, true Luxury, and My firm leash, one must truly impress Me. Gifts are always best, to be brought in addition to My donation, if youʼd care to stand out, which you should. I of course do not require, but will allow this when we meet. Alcoholic beverages brought to Me will have you drinking alone during our session.

If you do not see your interest listed here, or wish to inquire further about something specific, please TEXT Me.

When you are ready to book your session with Me, complete your Session Request Form.

I will reply with booking information in a first come, first served fashion; however, if you are inclined to send your application with a gift for good first impression, that always gets noticed first. If you’d like to send Me something sweet, ClickMe!

Your Mistress relishes in your servitude.


Mistress Krisha

IMG_2242 2.jpg

Time to Play…

Some of My Favorite Kinks (Included but not limited to)

  • Cuckolding with Bull (24 hour notice)**

  • Chastity/ Key-holding

  • Tease/ Denial

  • Bondage

  • CBT

  • Face slapping

  • Ruined Orgasm

  • Smoking Fetish/Human Ashtray

  • Human Furniture Training/Other Objectification

  • Verbal Humiliation/ Shaming/ Psychological Torment

  • Physical Humiliation/ Spitting/ Forced Sissy/Small Penis Humiliation

  • Forced Blow Job Training

  • Forced Face Fucking (Fist/Foot/Toy)

  • Tickle Torture

  • Latex Worship**

  • Intentional Neglect Sessions

  • Scent Play

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Breath Play/ Smothering

  • Queening/ Face Sitting

  • Watersports (Golden Showers, spitting, etc.)

  • Crimson Showers**

  • Heel/Boot Worship

  • Hypnosis

  • Body Worship: Ass/ Feet/ Legs/ Underarms

  • Electrical Play

  • Adult Baby/ Diaper Play

  • Impact Play: Flogging/ Caning/ Spanking/ Kicking/ Punching/Trampling

  • Strap On Play

  • Puppy/ Dog /Animal Training

  • Slave Training

  • TPE Training (Total Power Exchange)**

  • Financial Domination**

  • Role Play/PsychoDrama Scenarios Iʼm privy to: Patient Therapist (Mind Fucking)/ Drug –Relapse (I am the thing of which destroys you)/ Mommy-son complex/Extreme Worship- Shrine Building-Religion, Mistress Complex (I am your God, new Religion, and you must be taught how to worship/pray accordingly)/I am the Naga (female snake), you are My prey/Aunt-Nephew forbidden relationship/Hostage-Interrogation scenes.

    **These Activities are subject to an additional donation, attached to base tribute.

    *Cuckolding with My Bull $250 additional

    *Latex Worship $100 additional

    *Crimson Showers $75 additional (with notice)

    *TPE Training $100 per HR additional

    *Financial Domination $150-$1000 per HR additional