It is imperative to your Mistressʼ pleasure that you arrive freshly showered, and your oral hygiene is up to par. This is especially true for pets that are going to be engaging in Anal Kinks with Me; however, it should always be the norm to arrive clean, in clean street clothing, and with freshly brushed teeth. If this is not an option for you due to lifeʼs hectic whims, you may shower and use mouthwash upon entering the dungeon, before our session, though it will cut in to your session time. Showing up extremely intoxicated will never be tolerated. As always, I will do the intoxicating Myself. Further, it is always best to come as prepared as possible, and even better with a gift!


For first time clientele, there is a deposit required to book a session with Me. There are several options for giving this, which I will provide after filling out your Session Request Form. The deposit is 50% of My session donation, which will be applied the total. The other 50% is for you to bring in cash, along with your Submissive self, to the dungeon, on time for our appointment. My craft is like any other; I do not desire having My time or resources wasted. Deposits are non-transferable, cannot be applied to a later booking if you fail to show, or cancel/move your appointment appropriately. Best case scenario? Book when youʼll be able to have dedicated time to serve, even if itʼs just an hour, and DONʼT MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT!!


If you have already booked a session with Me, and the deposit has been paid, but life has come up and you have an emergency-I understand. Sometimes Murphyʼs Law is in full effect and we just canʼt escape it. On the occasion that such a matter should arise, and you contact Me 24 Hours in advance, you may transfer your deposit. You can inform Me of your next availability for a session, and I will do My best to accommodate.*

*Note: Because other confirmed appointments may take precedence over your new availability, delays are to be expected. I will find a time that works for both of us as soon as possible.