Truly, the pleasureʼs all Mine. I am electrically charged and fulfilled by obedient men. Make no mistake, I am not for the faint of heart. Known as the “Wicked Minx and Temptress” by many, My pets have grown accustomed to their Huntressʼs desires, and live to bend the knee to a Queen.

 A Gemini, surprise is always waiting for those who wish to serve. Sadistic Sultry Vixen? I can be rather twisted; hypnotic, deeply thought provoking and wickedly mind controlling. Or, Perhaps Iʼm simply in the mood to flash my sharp green doe-eyes at you, and use my Goddess-like features to fuck you up with tease.

For the few who truly get to know Me, they usually fall in love. Cunning, baffling and powerful-itʼs easy to become addicted to Me; I crave these insecurities in My submissives, and live to exploit them in kink. I’ve been known to be fabulously comedic with ridiculously serendipitous timing; even during a scene, thereʼs

always room for more fun. My desire for long-term control through connection is real. Although I will hypnotize you in any way possible, I have genuine love for My loyal submissives, and treat them as the unique, very real relationships that they are…accordingly.

*NOTE: I do not engage in any Switch, or Submissive roles.

All of the sessions I engage in with the submissive and curious men who come to see Me are rendered with care and clever planning. It is My ultimate goal that not only I remain pleased, but that My client’s lives’ be enriched as well.

To be led on the path of life enrichment, true Luxury, and My firm leash, one must truly impress Me. Gifts are always best, to be brought in addition to My donation, if youʼd care to stand out. I of course do not require, but will allow this when we meet. Alcoholic beverages brought to Me will have you drinking alone during our session.

If you do not see your interest listed here, or wish to inquire further about something specific, please TEXT Me.

When you are ready to book your session with Me, complete your Session Request Form.

I will reply with booking information in a first come, first served fashion; however, if you are inclined to send your application with a gift for good first impression, that always gets noticed. If you’d like to send Me something sweet, ClickMe!

Your Mistress relishes in your servitude.


Mistress Krisha

IMG_2242 2.jpg

Time to Play…

Some of My Favorite Kinks (Included but not limited to)

  • Cuckolding with Bull (24 hour notice)**

  • Chastity/ Key-holding

  • Tease/ Denial

  • Bondage

  • Ruined Orgasm

  • Smoking Fetish/Human Ashtray

  • Verbal Humiliation/ Shaming/ Psychological Torment

  • Physical Humiliation/ Spitting/ Forced Sissy/Small Penis Humiliation

  • Forced Blow Job Training

  • Tickle Torture

  • Latex Worship**

  • Intentional Neglect Sessions

  • Scent Play

  • Human Furniture Training

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Breath Play/ Smothering

  • Queening/ Face Sitting

  • Watersports (Golden Showers, spitting, etc.)

  • Crimson Showers**

  • Heel/Boot Worship

  • Hypnosis

  • Body Worship: Ass/ Breast/ Feet/ Legs/ Underarms

  • Forced Face Fucking (Fist/Foot/Toy)

  • Electrical Play

  • Adult Baby/ Diaper Play

  • Impact Play: Flogging/ Caning/ Spanking/ Kicking/ Punching/Trampling

  • Anal Play: Strap On/ Pegging (please arrive clean and empty)

  • Puppy/ Dog /Animal Training

  • Slave Training

  • TPE Training (Total Power Exchange)**

  • Financial Domination**

  • Role Play Scenarios Iʼm privy to: Patient Therapist (Mind Fucking)/ Drug –Relapse (I am the thing of which destroys you)/ Mommy-son complex/Extreme Worship- Shrine Building-Religion, Mistress Complex (I am your God, new Religion, and you must be taught how to worship/pray accordingly)/I am the Naga (female snake), you are My prey/Aunt-Nephew forbidden relationship/Hostage-Interrogation scenes.

    **These Activities are subject to an additional donation, attached to base tribute.

    *Cuckolding with Bull $200 additional

    *Latex Worship $50 additional

    *Crimson Showers $50 additional (with notice)

    *TPE Training $100 per HR additional

    *Financial Domination $200 per HR additional