Frequently Asked Questions

Why did You become a Dominatrix?


My creative side comes in many shapes. As a former Chef, senses have always been heightened for Me and associated with both pleasure and chaos. I found that My BDSM and sexual endeavors led Me naturally to this path; I have been professionally active for quite a few years now. Quite a few kitchen tools are still in working order for memorable sessions. Being quite the Hedonist, neither of these professions surprise Me.

How do I book a session with You?

You may complete My Session Application Form. This helps Me understand if we are compatible, and works in making My scheduling accurate.

What are Your favorite Kinks?

You can view My most loved activities for both in session and beyond HERE. I not only enjoy these activities with new pets and promising submissives, but those who wish to grow in to these activities with Me on a deeper level over time. If you have questions about this, contacting Me via TEXT or CALL to get to know Me better before our session, is suggested.

Is an hour long enough for our first session together?

If youʼre newly submissive and experimenting, and know three activities youʼd like to engage in, this is a good place to start. If you are an experienced submissive, and want to focus heavily on the activities you fantasize about, or seek to serve Me long term- an hour and a half to two hours is the suggested length of time.

What does it take to be Your slave?

The truest submissive men who serve and have served Me in a devoted, long term manner are few. I am quite selective when it comes to choosing loyal pets, and of course I am not impressed with selfish service. It is sacrifice. True servitude is a privilege. It is not self seeking. Why do I allow you in to My world? What is it you have to add to My life? When My pets come serve Me over time and show Me what they have to offer, I tend to allow them privileges (personal service tasks, errands, personal chat time, etc.).

Will there be any sex during our session?

NO. I am a Professional Dominatrix, not an Escort. I do not provide sexual services.

Where are You located?

I currently reside in San Francisco Bay Area; sessions are held at the dungeon on the Berkeley/Emeryville border.

How can I make the best first impression possible?

If you’ve adored Me from afar, show it! I am always truly thankful and pleased when submissive clients bring Me extra tributes in cash (always loved!!), potted foliage (succulents, air plants, potted greenery, etc.), Gift cards for Amazon sent to, Gift Cards to Westward Bound (Latex Pieces start at $90), Gift cards to SEPHORA, or Prepaid VISAS. I love subs that bring Me presents.

The extra step is quite memorable! Especially, when I end up buying something funded from that adoring pet. If youʼd like to stand out, hereʼs part of the recipe!