Sessions with your Mistress begin as follows:

  • 1 hr. $300

  • 1.5 hrs. $440

  • 2 hrs. $600

  • 2.5 hrs. $740

  • 3 hrs. $900

  • 3.5 hrs. $1,000

  • 4 hrs. $1,100

When you are ready to spend time with Me, complete the Session Request Form below. My session interests are listed HERE. If you need more time and want to discuss your Kinks and fantasies with Me beforehand, or get to know Me a little better, TEXT Me, and save My number! We can discuss the details of your interests before we meet. If youʼd like to chat on the phone, you may CALL Me!

Session Request Form:

To request time alone with Me, the form below is necessary. Please keep in mind that I am a Dominatrix, not an Escort. I do not provide sexual services.

This information can be fictitious; though remembered for later bookings.
Please include at least three that work best for you.
Include your limits, if any.
Please be specific!