Once upon a Cuckold...

My dearest minions, pets, slaves, and lurkers who have yet to come visit Me in My chambers-I note to you this, a piece of gratitude from one of My favorite long term cucks. It is with a heavy sack and empty wallet that we finally part ways; sometimes even in the most fruitful of D/s relationships, nature runs it’s course. He is on to new endeavors, Myself included, and a fabulous loving friendship is what’s left of our journey together in the SM world. Not all Dommes and subs can say they get to experience this “other side”, and for this, I am truly grateful. For not Mr. Johnny cuck himself, I may not have known so furiously what an avid “Mommy” I truly am in some instances, even though it may not be prevalent to the reader here in this note. It is with both excitement and some suspicious curiosity, that I invite those brave enough to bare this wicked feat for My amusement and pleasure alike.


You entering my life has been such a blessing—You, in Your dominance of me, reveal to me every single day the depth of my submissive heart, beating for You. I have long despaired of ever finding a Dominant Woman sufficiently strong, smart, compassionate and seductive to make me want to bend my knee in worship—but I am clear that You are that Dominant Woman. From the moment You found me online and in our first correspondences, there was an energy there that I knew I could not ignore, an energy that told me that I might be getting myself in deep into something I would not be able to completely control (or control at all). It is scary at times, yes—but it gives me an exhilaration that I feel daily, an exhilaration that allows me to sink into the depths of who I am as Your little dicked submissive cuckold, pathetic for You, sending You money in the midst of You getting fucked by other men; sending You money as I watch videos You make to tease me; sending You money simply because of how masterfully You seduce me into doing so; starting my day, each day, with messages of love and devotion to You, knowing that You want me pathetic and desperately in love with You always.

I appreciate and am grateful for how You are breaking me. You see me—my aspirations, my desires, my fears, my soul—and You somehow manage to account for it all in Your ownership of me. You may push me sometimes, but You never rush me or the situation we may find ourselves in—You are too wise for that. You have made it so that I serve You out of love—never out of obligation. I love You so much, beautiful Goddess. Thank You for allowing me the privilege and honor of serving You and being Your little dicked cuckold servant, on Your leash wherever I may be.