A Select Collection of Good Boys....Purr.

Upon sifting through feedback that I receive from My clients (submissives, masochists, fetishists, sissies and ____galore), I was peeking for some data on some of My pets who have served Me for some time, have made a significant impression on Me as well, or both.

As a curious bottom who has done some sleuthing can guess, I am quite selective with whom I choose to hold dear to Me long term. Diligence to please, willingness to learn, and an open mind are all necessary character traits. This tends to come in numbers, so of course, that’s where connection truly comes in.

Do we have it?

Below, is a short list of some of My best boys from this past year.

I bound you, gagged you, took your sight. Used My heels to make you wonder.

I whispered sweet poison-an offering; you cooed in fear. “Keep me in the dark”, it’s but a wet boy’s dream”.

Lashings whisk you from your slumber, My laughter brings the warmth justice.

A sound so divine it will haunt; when there is lack of it, your wounds are fresh.